a post about organization

my schedule is a series of work/rehearsals/teaching/shows/running/drinking with about 5 hours of sleep each night.  so, every once in awhile, i need to take a night off.  even on those nights of, however, i do busy-work at home to prepare for the busy life ahead.  here’s an example:

Tuesday night, I skipped seeing shows and the Yankees and decided instead to run 7 miles and spend the rest of night prepping for the rest of my week until Sunday. 5 days that include work, 2 rehearsals, 4 shows, a wedding, a wedding brunch, a picnic, and another 7 mile run.

i ironed and laid out 9 outfits/dresses (including 3 costumes)

pre-packed my wedding bag

made breakfast/lunch/dinners for the next three days (including some adorable animal cracker ziplocks that look like they are headed to my kids’ kickball game)

sifted through tons of music to find some 16 bar cuts for an audition i have coming up in 2 weeks (all my free time/extra $$ will now include some voice lessons)

cleaned my room and made my bed.

oh, and watched 3 episodes of ER to clear my mind.  Ray lost his legs, and i’m finally starting season 14!! so it wasn’t all busy-work.

ok, so now you know.  carry on.

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