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Just checking in.  I haven’t been on here in a few weeks.  Working on some exciting new projects!

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An Ant Hides Behind a Mushroom as His Friend Dies


Excited to see this on Vimeo today. 


this girl deserves an oscar

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me: i have to stop looking at this apartment that rented. Like, I'm looking at like it's an ex and I'm sad
Steph: just remember, like a hot guy, sometimes the outside is nice to look at but you don't know once you get all up in there what the problems are
me: true. the apartment probably has a small penis


joaquin phoenix has a forehead, and his forehead is actually a wonderful actor and this is just a wonderful video, start to finish. 

happy thursday.

The person that first discovered this was high.  And thanks. 

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Repeat ELEVEN MILLION TIMES or until dead. 

I mean. 


Repeat ELEVEN MILLION TIMES or until dead. 

I mean. 

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Reporting Rape, and Wishing She Hadn’t


Sometimes I can work myself up:

Here is a response I wrote to SK, who wrote: 

Sexual assault should be punished, everyone would agree, but the issue of consent is a gray zone when all the parties are somewhat impaired from drinking too much. It is astonishing that campuses get to even touch legal matters beyond parking tickets.

Perhaps we should also talk of a culture in which the Annas of the world are lead to believe that they can party out of their senses and engage in out-of-control sexual acts with random people while leaving the responsibility of protecting their bodily integrity to others who are perhaps impaired too. Please lower the drinking age in this country so that our young may drink more responsibly.

We liberals could learn something about individual responsibility and not talk as though courts could fix every social ill through adequate punishment. I am absolutely not inspired by Anna’s courage to pursue her case as some here seem to suggest. Anna made some really bad choices and our society is also culpable in making those conditions possible. I am rather inspired by the courage of the vast multitude of students who choose to behave responsibly with alcohol.

I wrote:
I really disagree with you and with your assessment that a younger drinking age would do anything to solve the problem of sexual assault any more than it would solve the problem of drunk driving, or, for that matter, global warming.

Binge drinking is not good for anyone. But it’s part of life, I suppose. We have the right to be drunk. “Don’t drive drunk,” or “Don’t call ex-lovers drunk,” are good rules. You would gladly add to that list “Don’t be drunk and be a woman.” I cannot agree.

If there is a gray zone of consent - then we should eradicate it by assuming you are raping someone who is drunk. Nice and easy. The gray zone only exists in a world where we are eager to exonerate the rapist - or can more easily sympathize with the rapist than the victim. There is a bogeyman of the falsely accused golden boy that seems to be the extreme exception and not the rule. The rule, sadly, is a victim re-victimized by a society who would rather her hold her tongue - or not exist at all.

Also, your “we liberals” is suspicious. Speak for yourself. I will speak for myself. And let Anna speak for herself. We don’t care if you are not inspired by her. If the thing that does inspire you is the responsible drinking of students, I dismiss your imagination as bankrupt.

I don’t mean to be harsh. No learning or agreement can be found with shields up and in battle. But I couldn’t resist. I bet we agree with more than what we don’t. I don’t know you but I wish you well.


Chris Roberti

Thank you , Chris. 



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